Sorrow’s Wind

While conducting research at the Library of Congress, history professor Dena Odems reads the strange account of a 19th-century actor who died after playing Iago in Shakespeare’s Othello. As Dena tries to unravel the mystery of the actor’s death, she’s led to Congressional Cemetery and the disturbing truth behind a tragedy that happened during her youth.

The inspiration for “Sorrow’s Wind” comes from Shakespeare’s plays . . . and an actual obituary.

The story appears in LampLight Magazine, which you can order here.

The House Friends

Edward Rymes, a physics teacher from Chicago, has the chance to buy his rural childhood home that his late father built . . .  but he has competition.

That’s the premise of The House Friends, a ghost story by Richard Agemo which appears in New Ghost Stories III, an anthology published by The Fiction Desk.

“The notion of a place holding a grip on somebody interests me,” says Agemo. “The House Friends takes that idea to an extreme level. ” Read the author’s interview here.

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Change of Light

In the year 2086, an American “envirotographer” is sent to Futaba and Daicchi, Japan to work on Fukushima! — an 8-D sensory re-creation of the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear plant disaster that occurred 75 years ago — only to find his own disaster in a romance with Mei, a cyborg who wants to marry him against her mother’s wishes.

Read the story, which appears in Silver Blade Magazine, here.